Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhondda
Monday, February 26, 2024

All Wales Child Protection Procedures

All members of staff within this school receive annual training and are responsible for the safety and protection of the children who attend. If there are concerns regarding neglect or physical, emotional or sexual abuse then under the All-Wales Child Protection Procedures staff are duty bound to report the matter to the Child Protection Officer who will advise the Headteacher.

The Headteacher may consult with professional colleagues as well as relevant agencies such as Health and Social Services. Following these discussions, the Headteacher may be obliged to make an official referral to the Social Services Department in accordance with the All-Wales guidelines and local protocol. It is the Social Services Department who decide on the next course of action. Due to the nature of the allegations, it may not always be appropriate to discuss matters with parents prior to making a referral. The responsibility for investigating allegations lies with Social Services and the Police.

Child Protection

  • Designated Member of Staff: Mrs Helen Griffith (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Deputies: Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, KS4 Progress Leader, Heads of Year, Link Governor

Teachers see learners every day and are aware of their general development, therefore they are able to see and take note of any changes that may occur. Often there is a simple reason or explanation for these changes but teachers and staff need to be aware of the possibilities and signs of unhappiness, abuse, or neglect.

Every learner has the right to be protected from abuse and adults in schools have an important role to play in ensuring that learners are protected.

We will:

  • treat every child with respect
  • set a good example through appropriate behaviour
  • ensure that the staff are positive role models to children
  • encourage positive and safe behaviour amongst children
  • be good listeners
  • be aware to changes in a child’s behaviour
  • recognise that challenging behaviour can be a sign of abuse
  • be aware of the latest safety documentation and ensure this is shared with staff
  • be aware that the living circumstances of some children and families can lead to greater danger of neglect or abuse
  • raise awareness of child protection issues and give children the skills they need to keep themselves safe
  • ensure a safe environment where children can learn and develop, especially their confidence and self-respect

We will support learners and their families and staff by:

  • taking all concerns and disclosures seriously
  • responding sympathetically to any request by a
  • member of staff for time to deal with a concern
  • ensuring confidentiality and sharing information on a need-to-know basis only with relevant individuals and agencies
  • storing notes/minutes safely
  • offering the details of help lines, counselling, or other methods of external support

Our full Safeguarding Policy can be accessed from the following link:


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