Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhondda

Sunday, November 27, 2022

We strongly believe that children achieve more when both school and parents work together to secure the happiness and success of every child. The school's philosophy is one of partnership, and as in any successful relationship, each partner has to contribute. The following Home/School Agreement provides the framework for developing our partnership. It aims to clarify what the school is trying to achieve, and to clarify the role of the

  • School

  • Parents

  • And pupils in this vital partnership

By working together we can provide our pupils with the key to a brighter future. We therefore ask you to read the agreement and discuss it with your child.

The School's Commitment

  • To give and receive Respect

  • Develop the ability and desire in each pupil to communicate fluently in Welsh

  • A broad and balanced education

  • High, realistic expectations

  • A high standard of personal and academic guidance

  • Regular homework

  • Regular marking of work

  • Written report and an opportunity to discuss it in a parents' meeting

  • The opportunity to develop a range of talents by participating in a variety of activities within and outside the school

  • Positive encouragement

The Pupil's Commitment

  • To give and receive Respect

  • Develop the ability and will to use Welsh as a daily means of communication

  • Behave responsibly in school and to and from school

  • Accept the Behaviour Code

  • Attend school every day except when ill

  • Punctuality at all times

  • Remain in school during school day

  • Work hard and meet subject requirements

  • Complete homework on time

  • Wear correct school uniform

  • No jewelry/trainers/make-up

  • Share responsibility for the school environment

  • Look after school property

  • No personal mobile phones, IPod, MP3 players

Parents' Commitment 

  • To give and receive Respect

  • Commitment to Welsh activities at home, at school and in the community

  • Ensure daily attendance and punctuality, informing the school of the reason for absence before 10am on the first day of any absence

  • Ensure compliance with the schools behaviour code

  • Encourage and Support Homework

  • Check and sign Homework Diary every week

  • Attend Parents' Evenings

  • Ensure correct school uniform is worn (no jewellery /make-up/trainers, appropriate hairstyle)

The Basic Skills Agency Quality Mark

Investor in People
Eco Schools
Welsh Network of Healthy Schools