Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhondda
Saturday, February 24, 2018

Following last week’s 100% success rate at A Level for the third succesive year, staff and students at Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhondda are celebrating following the publication of an excellent set of GCSE results yet again this year. An outstanding 76.7% of all students achieved an A*- C grade in Languages (Welsh / English) , 69.9% of pupils attained an A*-C grade in Mathematics and 95.2% of students gained an A*-C grade in Science.

Amongst our highest achievers this year are -


  • Casey Nash - 13 A* grades
  • Cerys Swain – 11 A* grades and 2 A grades
  • Ellie Smith – 10 A* grades, 2 A grades and 1 B grade
  • Seren Farrup – 6 A* grades and 7 A grades
  • Megan Sass – 4 A*’s and 9 A grades
  • Daisy Norton – 3 A* and 9 A grades
  • Catrin Carter – 3 A*’s, 7 A grades and 3 B grades
  • James Watkins – 3 A*’s, 4 A’s, 4 B’s and 2 C grades
  • Ewan Headford – 2 A*’s, 7 A grades, 3 B’s and 1 C
  • Jenni Page – 2 A*, 6 A, 3 B and 1 C
  • Niamh Jones - 1 A*, 9 A’s and 2 B grades
  • Sade Butler – 1 A*, 7 A’s and 3 B grades
  • Emily Hobbs – 1 A*, 6 A’s and 5 B grades
  • Mia Dayment Jones – 6 A’s and 7 B grades
  • Daniel Humphreys – 6 A’s and 7 B grades
  • Morganne Iles – 5 A grades, 6 B’s and 1 C grade
  • Jessica Clayton – 5 A grades, 4 B’s and 4 C grades.


The percentage of students who attained at least 5A*/A grades was an excellent 17.5%, up 3.7 percentage points since 2015.

For Head, Rhian Morgan Ellis, every pupil’s achievement is a great source of pride and is to be celebrated. “ I am so pleased and so proud that all pupils have performed to the utmost of their ability and fulfilled their potential. This is a day for them to celebrate all their hard work. The teamwork between pupils, staff members and the home is so important to us here at Cymer, and what a team we are! These pupils deserve the best provision, guidance and teaching so that they can ensure successful futures."

Mr John Bryant, Chair of the Governing Body added

“Like many governors I was concerned about the effect the new, more challenging curriculum would have on our GCSE results. I should have known better. Our tireless and talented teachers and pupils have achieved remarkable results that follow on from our best ever A Level outcomes. Congratulations and many thanks for their hard work and I look forward to many of the pupils joining our sixth form in September. Many thanks also every one who has supported our teachers during the year.”


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