Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhondda
Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Having just completed your GCSEs, the time has come for you to start planning for the future and make some of the most important decisions of your life.

Whatever the results of your GCSEs, we hope that Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhondda will play an important part in your decisions regarding the future. Each academic year, we shall be offering our students a wide and interesting range of courses, together with social and cultural opportunities. It is our intention to provide something for every pupil, whatever their ability, in order that they may leave the school with qualifications that are both valuable and relevant to the twenty first century. The school offers unique opportunities to the students, for example:

  • The school's strong ethos based on respect, understanding and tolerance.
  • A wide range of opportunities - academic, personal and social - to ensure the individual's whole development, in a friendly and supportive environment. An opportunity is offered to every student across the whole ability range to develop the next step in their education and lay the foundations for life-long learning.
  • An education through the Welsh language and in a Welsh environment. No other institution in the area is able to offer this. This may be the last contact students will have with a Welsh medium institution. A sixth form education at Cymer is likely to strengthen the linguistic development made by our pupils at primary, lower and middle school levels. A Welsh sixth form education should ensure that the student becomes an adaptable and bilingual citizen in our communities. We are reminded that the implementation of the Welsh Language Act has added to the importance of the language in the world of commerce and business. The ability to communicate in the Welsh language is definitely advantageous within the jobs market in Wales.
  • Students who return to our sixth form will be returning to an environment which is familiar to them. We hope to offer the same setting but a different atmosphere. The fact that the staff and school are familiar to the student will ensure that they will quickly feel at home. In addition, this school has a caring pastoral system which will be a means to guide them through their sixth form education.
  • An educational provision of the highest standard.

Our aim is to build upon these solid foundations in order to extend and increase the experiences of the students and to further improve standards.

  • We have already received favourable responses from many students and their parents who are eager to maintain contact with the school. We are privileged to be Rhondda's only Welsh-medium comprehensive school and we shall endeavour to continue producing successful, bilingual students for the communities which we serve.

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