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Sunday, December 05, 2021


We're often asked here at the Design and Technology Department, what exactly do we do here?

Is it like metalwork or woodwork?

The aim of teaching Design and Technology is to solve problems by designing and making. Whilst solving problems by designing and making solutions, we aim to promote the individual's designing/problem solving skills as well as their making or manufacturing skills.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage Three we aim to give pupils the opportunity to experience a variety of different processes and materials as well as the chance to develop computer modeling and food technology. We do this by moving the pupils to a different project with a different teacher every 10 weeks. This gives them the opportunity to complete 12 different and varying projects during their time with us in years 7, 8, and 9.

Key Stage 4

We have three options to offer at Key Stage four
• GCSE Resistant Materials
• GCSE Graphics Products
• Level 1 VRQ Certificate in Design and Craft

What are resistant materials?

It is any material we can use to make a product - typically in school these tend to be woods, plastics and metals. We encourage students to work with any of the above materials, or any combination of these materials to create a product. Projects that have been undertaken in the past range from clocks, storage systems through to small items of furniture.

What are graphics products?

What the course entails is designing a logo for advertising an imaginary company and creating a suite of products, designed around this logo, to promote the company. We aim to produce five items in this suite. Products made in the past have ranged from T-shirts, key fobs, coasters, glasses, posters and even a short advert for the television.

Level 1 VRQ Certificate in Design and Craft

This course is for pupils who want to try craft and design and make craft items to a high standard.

There are two units to be completed.

Unit 1: Design for Craft - This unit introduces you to simple design ideas which you can then take forward into unit 2

Unit 2:
Craft - You will produce a variety of craft projects and gain skills in the practice of the craft and gain a working knowledge of the materials; techniques and
processes used at this level.

Key Stage 5

At this level we offer AS and A' Level Product Design

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