Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhondda

Sunday, December 05, 2021

Home Economics The Home Economics department consists of two popular subjects, Catering and Child Development. Both subjects help students to develop the life skills necessary to achieve personal satisfaction through practical tasks that encourage self-respect, responsibility, and attention to the details of living well.

During Home Economics lessons, students work in small groups, enabling them to draw upon each other's strengths and assist each other in completing the tasks. The groups also challenge them to complete tasks by sharing and accepting responsibility.

As students journey toward self-sufficiency they learn practical skills. Students are directed toward developing the competency to make educated and intelligent choices, and to apply principles and generalizations to new situations.

Child Development

This course is concerned with the various aspects of Child Development and is divided into four compulsory units:

1. Social Background and Development

  • The family and the child

  • Responsibilities and preparation of parenthood

  • The family and the child within the community

  • Social development of the child

  • Emotional development of the child

2. Food and Health

  • Principles of a healthy diet

  • Dietary aims and goals

  • Special dietary needs

  • Food Safety

3. Physical Development

  • Preparation for pregnancy

  • Birth of the baby and post-natal care

  • Physical needs of the child

  • Physical development of the child

4. Intellectual Development

  • How children learn

  • Learning through play

  • Factory affecting learning


Course work is a vital part of this subject and accounts for 70% of the final mark.

  • A: Investigation Study 30%

  • B: Child Study 40%

  • C: Examination 30%

Pupils are also given the opportunity to gain an Open College Network Certificate in addition to the GCSE course. Pupils are required to research and undertake a real life experience of being a parent whilst working independently with a Virtual Reality Baby. This unique opportunity allows the pupils to realise the roles and responsibilities of being a parent.

Pupils have found the course to be both enjoyable and thoroughly rewarding, and will greatly benefit pupils who are interested in a career within the caring services.

The course should appeal to those pupils who are interested in a career within the caring services.


The course is designed to give pupils an opportunity to extend and apply their skills and knowledge of the catering industry within a variety of areas.

It will enable candidates to extend their design and technological capability in order to meet human needs and opportunities which have direct implications on the lifestyle and environment of all people.


The examination will consist of:

  • a) Theory paper at end of course, 40%

  • b) Two practical assessments, 40%

    • One assessment in year 10 - 15%

    • One assessment in year 11 - 25%

  • c) A record of work experience, 20%

Subject Leader

  • Mrs Catrin Arnopp

The Basic Skills Agency Quality Mark
Investor in People
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Welsh Network of Healthy Schools
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