Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhondda

Sunday, December 05, 2021

The department follows the WJEC syllabus A, which provides a good balance of both Physical and Human Geography. Both members of the department teach Geography at GCSE level.

There is a new syllabus starting this year, which proves to be more interesting and thought provoking.

There are three parts to the course:

  1. The core modules

  2. The optional modules

  3. Course work

1. Core Modules

The Physical World

  • Water - River processes and landforms and river management.

  • Climate change – Causes and effects of climate change and how to reduce its impact.

  • Living in active zones – Hazards at plate margins, such as earthquakes and volcanoes and how to reduce the risks

A Global World

  • Changing populations – World populations and its impact and future changes to countries.

  • Interdependence – Trends in globalisation and its impact on countries around the world.

  • Development – Measuring patterns of development and achieving the Millennium Development Goals

2. Optional Modules

As a department we had to choose three additional modules of study and decided on those that would be of interest to our students and that would also suit our expertise.

  • Weather and climate – Climate patterns in the UK; weather hazards and how to reduce the risks.

  • Tourism – The changing nature of tourism andits impacts on areas and how to achieve sustainable growth of tourism.

  • Economic change in Wales – Current patterns of work and employment and the future for Wales.

3. Course Work

All students will complete two pieces of course work, which consist of an enquiry based on field work (10%) and a problem solving decision-making exercise (15%).

Opportunities for field work

The Department makes good use of field work opportunities, with at least two days out of the classroom to alternative locations around South Wales. These activities help to enhance students understanding of the different physical and human elements being studied.

  • One day field trip to study the Ogmore River, concentrating on the processes that have shaped its landforms, and the glacial formations surrounding the river.

  • One day field trip to Cardiff city centre to collect the data needed to complete their course work.

We are also considering adding a field trip to Swansea marina, concentrating on its impact on the rest of the city and the environment.

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