Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhondda

Sunday, December 05, 2021

The department has chosen a well-balanced range of topics of both physical and human aspects:

Year 7

  • My passport - An introduction to Geography and the world around us

  • Map work - Developing a wide range of mapping skills based on the study of the Rhondda.

  • National Parks - The study of Welsh National Parks, their national benefits and the impact tourists can have on them.

  • The Environment - Looking at the impact of global warming on different countries and the need to use renewable resources.

Year 8

  • Mapping skills - Focusing on longitude and latitude

  • Brazil - The study of a Less Economically Developed Country

  • Weather and Hurricanes - Their impact on specific areas and why

  • Globalisation - Why and how our world is shrinking

Year 9

  • Population - What has happened with the world’s population and why?

  • Migration - Focusing on Mexico and America

  • Natural Disasters - such as explaining why areas suffer from earthquakes and volcanoes

  • The European Union - it’s origin and it’s effect on the rest of the world

We provide a wide and interesting range of experiences. We start by instilling the basic skills of map work in Year 7, providing a solid foundation for further study. Experience of field work is provided in the local area. We are organizing a trip to the Natural History Museum in London as part of their Natural Hazards work..

All pupils will have an opportunity to participate in field work, so that they are able to experience all aspects of Geography before making the decision to continue to study the subject for GCSE or A Level.

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