Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhondda
Wednesday, November 29, 2023

In Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhondda we aim to ensure the best for our pupils in every aspect of school life. Our enthusiastic, committed staff, who give above and beyond what’s asked, work tirelessly to ensure our young people are the best they can in every aspect of school life, so that they are prepared for their future pathways. We’re proud of our long record of excellent academic achievements.

Every individual is important to us here in Cwm Rhondda, and we aim to develop every skill, talent, and ability, by providing broad and exciting educational opportunities appropriate to the twenty first century. We’re extremely proud of the fluent bilingualism of our pupils, as they prepare for their future.

Welshness and respect is at the core of our school life here. Respect for others, ourselves, and our environment. Respect for our language, our past, and our unique culture. We are proud of each other’s achievements and our identity. We aim to create a civilised community that promotes the wellbeing and development of all.

Our many partnerships are important to us. Our close partnership with the home is essential in order to ensure the highest standards in all aspects of the school’s work, and coherent support for the pupils. The school has a unique blend of traditional values and expectations linked with the creativity and innovation that has put us at the forefront of curriculum design and learning and teaching. As a result, our students are hard working and well-rounded individuals who achieve considerable success by taking on challenges and working independently. Our core values of Giving and Receiving Respect support our mission for learning to ensure that every pupil reaches his/her potential.

We wish our pupils every happiness and success as a member of the Cwm Rhondda family.

Craig Spanswick

The Basic Skills Agency Quality Mark

Investor in People

Eco Schools

Welsh Network of Healthy Schools